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The common cold can strike at any time, but infection rates increase dramatically during autumn and winter. The lack of humidity during these months causes the nasal passages to become dry, contributing to infection. The start of the academic year also means there are more people in close proximity, which helps cold viruses spread.

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That’s why, even with a flu vaccine, many people still get the flu. The vaccine is actually based on predictions made by virologists about which strains will be prevalent in any given year. If you are exposed to another strain, the vaccine has reduced effectiveness or may not work at all. Lastly, we do always recommend consulting your own doctor first before you self-medicate. Do what’s best for your body—there is plenty of time to light up your favorite joint later.

CBD’s action on the immune system hasn’t been studied sufficiently to this point, and its potential effects on the flu, where immunity figures in so heavily, are hard to predict. There are also products made specifically for cold-and-flu symptoms, like CBD saline nasal sprays created for the express purpose of unblocking a nostril or two. However, these immunosuppressive qualities could come in handy when battling a fever or runny nose. CBD companies promise their products can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with the common cold. Nowadays, there is a wide array of CBD consumption mechanisms including edibles, pills, oils as well as topical creams that can be applied for pain and inflammation.

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  • Children miss approximately 22 million school days and parents miss roughly 20 million work days each year due to children’s colds alone.
  • Being able to identify which of the two you’re dealing with can go a long way toward helping you not only act quickly, but also save time and money, and not just on treatment.
  • Depending on a few factors, your child could be dealing with either a viral infection or a bacterial infection.
  • Aging gracefully is about being healthy and happy more than keeping wrinkles at bay.

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Can hemp oil or CBD supplements cause me to fail a drug test? Find out if you can fail a drug test dues to hemp oil or CBD supplements.

Over 200 different viruses can cause symptoms of the common cold. Sure, old wives tales blame chilly weather as the culprit, but the condition could actually be underpinned by hundreds of different microbes. Do reishi mushroom supplements boost the immune system, or have other health benefits? Learn more about the health benefits of reishi mushroom extract supplements, including evidence from clinical studies on cancer and diabetes, plus information about safety and price. Which supplements may help prevent or reduce symptoms of colds or the flu, including vitamin D, ginseng, NAC, and elderberry.

You will even come across bath bombs or salts, that allow you to take a therapeutic and relaxing steam bath while getting a healthy dose of CBD. You can also try CBD teas or honey, two relatively new forms of CBD in the market. How a severe illness makes you feel both emotionally and mentally is one of the most challenging influenza symptoms to quantify.

Because of the decades-long legal prohibition on all forms of cannabis, including industrial hemp, research on hemp still has a long way to go. But CBD gummies existing evidence suggests that CBD for the flu may be a viable option. CBD may also help with these same flu symptoms, making CBD oil for flu one potential way to get back on your feet quicker. The flu isn’t a single virus; rather, it’s a range of viruses that share certain characteristics.

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