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Systematic approaches to evaluate the effect of policies on children of this sort are the exception, rather than the rule, and few other systematic attempts can be identified. Health insurance of any type cannot facilitate access to health care services when the necessary resources are not present.

The structural determinants cause and operate through intermediary determinants of health—housing, physical work environment, social support, stress, nutrition and physical activity—to shape health outcomes. A broad range of social, environmental, psychological, and genetic factors have been associated with tobacco use, including gender, race and ethnicity, age, income level, educational attainment, geographic location, and disability. Motivation to begin and to continue smoking is strongly influenced by the social environment, although genetic factors are also known to play a role. Smoke-free protections, tobacco prices and taxes, and the implementation of effective tobacco prevention programs all influence tobacco use.

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In the absence of national health insurance, national health policy has supported the development of a safety net of services in the form of community health centers in areas with a shortage of health facilities and personnel. Currently there are about 800 such centers across the country, all of which provide high-quality primary care services.

  • Depressed mothers are more likely to respond to their children with withdrawal, diminished energy, or emotion or to express feelings of hostility and rejection toward their children (Frankel and Harmon, 1996; Field, 1995).
  • Parental depression and psychological distress can have powerful negative effects on child well-being.
  • Harsh, punitive disciplinary practices are thought to feed into the cycle of anger and aggressive behavior developed by some children and youth .
  • Intact marriages are associated with higher incomes, more male role models, fewer residential moves, and more discipline and supervision than marriages that break up .

Considering Clear-Cut Health Life Plans

Evidence on the likely effects of welfare reforms comes both from random-assignment experiments and from longitudinal survey studies . A key finding from the experiments is that effects on the achievement and behavior of younger children were consistently more positive in programs that provided financial and in-kind supports for work than in those that did not. The packages of work supports were quite diverse, ranging from generous earnings supplements provided alone to more comprehensive packages of earnings supplements, child care assistance, health insurance, and even temporary community service jobs.

Research is warranted to tease out the role that a range of services play in mediating and modifying influences so children can stay healthy, as well as supporting and promoting their optimal health. Improved specification of the effects of services, better targeting and customizing of services for specific populations, and improved monitoring blood pressure chart of the effect of specific services on population health measures should be considered important research and analysis priorities. Public health activities to improve nutrition and public health education campaigns have resulted in health improvements. For example, introduction of folic acid in grain-based products decreased the risk of neural tube defects .

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