Company profile

Basic characteristics

The organization was founded in 1974 and nowadays it is one of the most prestigious fair organizations in Slovakia. Regarding the total rented-out area, its market share in Slovakia is more than 40%. From the beginning of 2008, the organization changed its legal status from an allowance organization into a government enterprise. The mission of the organization is to support communication between the businesses on a national and international level and to support trade and economic cooperation. 

Organization structure: 

Identification data: 
Business name: Agrokomplex – Výstavníctvo Nitra, štátny podnik 
Head office: Výstavná 4, 949 01 Nitra 
ID number: 36 855 642 
VAT number: 2022506651 
Business register: District Court Nitra, Section: Pš, Item no.: 10007/ N

Announcement on changes in the legal status of the company
Pursuant to the Ministry of Agriculture Resolution no. 512/2007-250 as of 7. 12. 2007, the Agrokomplex allowance organization – Výstavníctvo Nitra was cancelled as of 31.12. 2007 and 1.1. 2008; the property of the canceled Agrokomplex – Výstavníctvo Nitra allowance organization, including any respective rights and obligations, was put into the newly established government enterprise Agrokomplex- Výstavníctvo Nitra by Ministry of Agriculture as its founder. Along with the above property, the newly established government enterprise also assumed any rights and obligations following from the employment contracts and other relationships as well as any payables and receivables of the cancelled allowance organization. The government enterprise Agrokomplex – Výstavníctvo Nitra has become a full legal successor of the cancelled allowance organization. 

Agrokomplex – Výstavníctvo Nitra, State Enterprise will focus on the following objectives:

  • Internationalization of events and use of its growth potential in foreign trade
  • Upgrade and improvement of quality and services for exhibitors and visitors

Map of Agrokomplex